The administration of the province is carried out by the provincial Superior and provincial Council. They are responsible for the growth and development of the province as well as its members. The administration department of the province has the responsibility to evaluate all the major expenses of the houses. The Provincial team stands as a bridge between the Generalate and the province.

4th April2016 was a remarkable day and an important milestone in the history of the Jeevodaya Province, which was a part of the Thalaserry province, has grown in to a full fledged and independent province.  Most Rev. Dr. Thelegathoti Joseph Raja Rao, SMM, Bishop of Vijayawada officiated the Holy Eucharist on the occasion of the official degree of the declaration of the new Province.

The first Mother Provincial & the team members of the Jeevodaya Province Andhra


Mother Jane Mary Areeparambil Provincial Superior
Sr.Anice Kallidukkil  Vicar Provincial
Sr. Mary Paul Pulakudyil Second Councillor
Sr. Christy Panthaladiyil Third Councillor
Sr. Margaret Kanjirathamkunnel Fourth Councillor
Sr. Preetha Kuttivelil  Finance officer
Sr. Annie Tharayil   Secretary