Social Apostolate

Vocational Training Centre at Karimnagar –

This centre is established for the skill training of the drop out adolescent girls and poor women of Karimnagar slums and villages. The different skill trainings which are provided through this centre are

  1. Tailoring, embroidery and fashion designing course
  2. Computer course
  3. Beautician course

I have come to give life; Life in abundance” Jn 10:10 

In order to give life and add life in the lives of poor and downtrodden, we have implemented different programmes in Khammam and Karimnagar. The purpose of our social apostolate is to promote human well-being by strengthening opportunities, resources, and capacities of people and to provide services to prevent and address conditions that limit human rights and the quality of life.

  1. 07 tailoring centres  in slums and villages  - 280 girls
  2. Open 10th and open degree  - 125 boys & girls admitted
  3. Training on reproductive health, life skills, legal rights  and hygiene – 2500     girls
  4. Enrolled 524 drop outs and irregular students in formal schools
  5. No. Of Community bore wells  drilled - 22
  6. Livelihood support to 81 women including PLHAs
  7. No. of girls received tailoring machines -554
  8. Education support - 300 children
  9. Free tuition centers and worksite schools opened in slums – 04
  10. Mineral water plants  installed - 10
  11. Mini camps, Retention camps and Counseling programme -  2500 children
  12. Fruit trees and vegetable seeds in 20 villages
  13. We supported 42 old and disabled people to get pension from government.  126 people were assisted to get ration cards. We have also helped 356 SC, ST and BC children to get scholarship from government. 16 old and destitute people were joined in the old age homes. Under IGA scheme, 230 women were supported to get loans from our project areas through bank linkage. 

Our Activities in the Dioceses of Khammam

  1. Working in 6 villages in collaboration with the Diocese of Khammam
  2. Formed 26 women groups and loan was given to all the groups for different IGA programmes
  3. 12thday of vevry month medical camp is conducted in villages
  4. Training to women group members on leadership,
  5. Awareness programmes to women on different topics like health and hygiene, importance of savings, spiritual empowerment etc.
  6. Cultural programmes and competitions for women group members

Celebration of International Women’s Day